30 Symptoms of Bone Cancer on Skull


30 Symptoms of Bone Cancer on Skull

30 Symptoms of Bone Cancer on Skull - Bone cancer is a cancer that destroys malignant bone disease. Them is the cancer of this vicious disease in which bone tissue ranging from bone cancer prrimer. This cancer grows and spreads to the bone like tits that could lead to cancer of the breast, lung, prostate , Bone Cancer. Bone cancer is not caused due to DNA mutations, cancer results from mutations of liquid bone one's life. This mutation is caused due to radiation or chemicals that can cause cancer. Scientists are trying to find out the cause of the occurrence of bone cancer and trying to find out more the cause. Bone cancer is divided into five sections which are suitable with this type of cancer cells begin to grow, apply: bone cancer "Osteosarcoma" this cancer spreads in bone cells and many occur in older children and adults.  

Causes of osteosarcoma: 
  • Radiaoterapi. This treatment can damage the DNA of cells and bone cells into cancer of the bone. 
  • Bone abnormalities. The bones have abnormalities such as paget's disease of the bone, is a disease it can cause bone cancer. 
  • Genetic predisposition: gene abnormality could be caused due to the descendants of the Foundry, which most likely can develop into cancer. 
  • Age. Cancer types more often stricken with osteosarcoma in children sanggarnya 10 years and adults on sanggarnya 24 years. And at age 24 this is the development and growth of cancer very quickly sekali TU. 
  • Height. Height can be very vulnerable the occurrence of bone cancer, because of rapid bone growth can easily lead to bone cancer. 
  • Gender. Compared with women, men are more at risk exposed to higher bone cancer. This in the male body karenakan lebih high compared with women. 
  • Li-fraumeni syndrome. This liquid liquid syndrome causes the greatest risk of cancer of the bone, due to the terkenanya caused by damage in the liquid by gene inherit one gene suppression of cancer. 
  • Rothmund thomson syndrome. This liquid syndrome one of the many syndromes affecting a very slow growth, skin rashes, and delayed bone formation, bone and abnormal. 
  • The environment. X-ray exposure to ionizing radiation from radiotherapy treatment. In addition to that, the exposure of fluoride and pesticides, and treatments of chemotherapy drugs. 
30 Symptoms of Bone Cancer on Skull
30 Symptoms of Bone Cancer on Skull

Bone cancer "Kondrosarkoma" 

Kondrosarkoma in bone Cancer start on Ira ahdanira of bone tissue. Kondrosarkoma type of cancer is often exposed on the part of the pelvis, which is located in between the hip bones, no kaiki up top, and shoulders. Causes: 

  • Men are more at risk of developing cancer of the bone compared with women. 
  • Attack at age above 40 years. 
  • A history of bone disease of bone abnormalities clasik paget (a disease that makes bones ached) and ollier (bone swelling) that are at risk of these diseases is huge and very step. 
  • The offspring from birth, one was gene Foundry down to children. 
  • This highly risky sekali TU exposed bone cancer. 
  • Exposed to radiation and chemotherapy. 
  • Bone abnormalities due to heredity, which is the condition of having a very high risk. 
  • Fracture accident that eventually swelled. 

This very large sekali TU risk. Have a history of bone diseases such as paget's bone. Fakor genetics, which is this gene in inherit by parents who called with li fraumeni syndrome. Breast cancer almost 5 times at high risk in genetic factors compared with bone cancer. Have a history of maffuci syndrome. 

Bone cancer "Ewing's Sarcoma" 

Ewing Sarcoma is a tumor that is very agrresif. This type of cancer is common in children aged 4-15 years anara, and often occur in boys compared women. Ewing's Sarcoma cancer occurs in the middle of the long bones, arms, and legs and spread to the lungs and other tissues. Cause: more common in boys than girls. Contracted sanggarnya in children 4-15 years. Chromosome changes after the birth. Higher risk of children of whites compared with blacks.

Bone Cancer "Fibrosarcoma"

Fibrosarcoma of bone cancer is malignant mesenchymal, named in the fibrous connective tissue. Cancer-fibrosarcoma often contracted in men aged 30 to 40 years. This cancer attack on the long bones such as the femur, or flat, the tibia, and the lower jaw. Causes of types of bone cancer is not yet in the know. But there are several factors cause, namely:

  • Radiation exposure. The gene causes a change because of the loss of alleles, points, mutation, and the transfer of chromosomes.
  • Bones broken by accident.
  • Paget's disease, where this disease will experience bone pain.
  • Operation broken bones.
  • Are at risk of developing at the age of 30-50 years.
  • Boys are more vulnerable to developing cancer of the bone.
  • Genetic alterations in the gene mutation.
  • Perbuahan the number of DNA.
  • The chromosomal changes.
  • Bone Cancer "Chordoma"

Chordoma is a type of cancer that is very rarely contracted in humans. This cancer usually forms the spine for a newborn. And can usually be developed and formed into a chordoma. The cause of this type of cancer have not been able to ascertain. But this type of cancer can be affected in people aged 40-60 years old, and often occurs in men compared women ((URmacmillan.org.uk, Chordoma, accessed 09 December 2014)).

Causes Of Bone Cancer In General

Bone is a living cells called with osteosit, osteoclasts, and osteoblasts. Where this AIDS in bone, by calcium that makes bones become stronger and stiffer. If there's something in the DNA of bone cells will lead to bone cancer. The cells continue to grow, mutate and attack to all areas of the body ((URmacmillan.org.uk, The bones, at access 09 December 2014)).

The cause of the occurrence of this bone cancer in karenakan by DNA mutations, where cancer can turn on and turn off cancer oncogene mutations in genes with inherit by both parents. This is the one that causes increased risk of bone cancer and resulting in symptoms of bone cancer is becoming more serious.
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