Natural Cure Brain Cancer and Foods to Avoid


Natural Cure Brain Cancer and Foods to Avoid 

Natural Cure Brain Cancer and Foods to Avoid  - Brain cancer is a type of cancer that grows and develops in the cells that reside in the brain. Cancer will grow by hitting and damaging the network area or around the brain. Cancer can also develop on the part of the brain because it is derived from the cancer cells in other tissues of the body. The condition of brain cancer usually develops in accordance with time, but usually attack several parts of the brain are aggressive. The cause of most major brain cancer do indeed have not found at this point. All causes are still of major problems such as brain cancer in children who get treatment radiotherapy. While other causes are still examined by health experts around the world.

What Are The Symptoms Of Brain Cancer?

Brain cancer usually does not cause any special symptoms are indeed at the beginning of the attack. It's just that after coming into the stage more or worse, will usually make the sufferer feel very dizzy, eyesight and balance disorders as well. Some of the symptoms of brain cancer are as follows:

  • Intense headache attack and sometimes lies in the head section of a certain
  • Early symptoms often cause headache and then become more severe
  • Frequent vomiting or sudden vomiting although previously unheard
  • Disorders of the eye such as sudden eye pain, blurred or double vision
  • Some parts of the fingers and toes are often not felt or hard-driven
  • Often problematic when running such as impaired balance
  • Communication disorders arising as tough talk
  • Often feel confused and panic
  • Changes in behaviour and attitudes
  • Severe cases can cause seizures

The most appropriate measures to combat brain cancer is to prevent the growth of cancer in the brain. Though of course we cannot know whether the cancer cells that grow out of it or not, but the habit of consuming healthy food can prevent it. There are some food sources that contain substances that can fight the growth of cancer cells in the brain or cancer cells in other tissues of the body that may spread to the brain.
Natural Cure Brain Cancer and Foods to Avoid
Natural Cure Brain Cancer and Foods to Avoid 

Below are some food sources we can daily consumption:

1. Broccoli

Broccoli is usually the vegetables that most of us avoid. But it turns out that broccoli is very beneficial to the body because they contain high antioxidant that can prevent cancer of the brain. Besides broccoli contain fiber which acts launched digestion and prevent body metabolism. Consumption of broccoli every day is not only good for the colon and small intestine, but also protect the brain from cancer-causing abnormal cell growth.

Broccoli is also a good fit is consumed as:

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2. Green tea

Until now, people in Japan are still avidly consume green tea. They can consume green tea is not only the morning or afternoon only. They have a green tea steeping teapot with natural and can be drunk anytime. The result was the brain health of people in Japan can be said to be the best. Green tea contains antioxidant the most high because it has the most simple processing. Not a lot of antioxidants that out during cooking and is much better than the kind of red or black tea. In addition, green tea also can make the brain get good stimulation so that it can work optimally.

Green tea can also be consumed as:

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3. Nuts

All types of beans are very good as a preventive food of brain cancer. You can consume the beans, green beans, white beans, as well as other types of everyday food menu as a cancer preventive. Nuts contain fiber and fatty acid also plays a protects the brain from cancer. In addition, beans can also prevent the spread of cancer to other body tissues. As many as two cups of bean consumption in every week is highly recommended.

4. A Walnut

Walnuts we usually encounter in the mix or cake decorations. Walnuts can also be eaten as a snack. Walnuts contain omega 3 nutritional substances that can make the body become more relaxed. Walnuts could prevent brain cancer because it contains omega 3 could function like, omega 3 found in fish that contain a lot of oil. How to prevent brain cancer with walnuts have ever been tested in a study. To get the best results, it is advisable to eat a snack of walnuts to every day.

5. Ginger

The ginger Rhizome plants including as to prevent brain cancer because they contain compounds such as gingerol. In addition, ginger could become source materials can protect the body from inflammation. Sometimes specific body tissue inflammation can cause the growth of cancer cells in the brain. To get the main benefits of ginger can be mixed in drinks such as milk or tea. But it can also be used as a condiment cuisine especially for the typical cuisine of Indonesia.

Ginger is often used in cancer treatment as:

reduce the effects of chemotherapy lymph nodes
cope with nausea and vomiting of cancer chemotherapy

6. Turmeric

Like ginger, turmeric also includes plant roots or Rhizome. Saffron becomes one of the ingredient or mixture of ingredients for traditional medicines containing high antioxidant. From now on the use of turmeric to prevent cancer can be done in various ways. One example is the use of turmeric as a seasoning mix. Turmeric contain compounds that can prevent the process of inflammation that often triggers the growth of cancer cells in the brain. In addition to brain cancer, generally turmeric can also prevent various types of cancer in the body such as bowel cancer and prostate cancer.

7. Tomato

Tomato fruit that can be used to prevent cancer cells. This is because the tomato contains likopen substance that acts as an anti-inflammatory antioxidant and also prevent the growth of cancer. Usually people only consume tomatoes to prevent cancer, but it turns out that eating tomatoes are cooked can enhance its benefits. So it is better to consume tomatoes are cooked or made a material mix in the dish.

This is also very good tomatoes are consumed as:

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8. Avocado

Avocados are a delicious fruit that contain lots of omega 3, fiber, and antioxidants can improve the health of the body. Avocados can be food for the prevention of cancer of the brain that blocks the growth of cancer cells of the brain, by way of improving the system of metabolism and immune system. In this way the body is more powerful and active cells in the brain can work in accordance with its function. In addition, the avocado can also protect the cells in the brain from being terusak by the stimulation of active substances derived from the air or food.

9. Garlic

Garlic is usually used as a condiment of all types of cuisine. A strong aroma is often disliked, but it turns out that garlic can actively prevent the growth of abnormal cells in the brain. Moreover garlic has other properties that are good to prevent cancer such as protect the body from bacteria, maintaining the immune system and can attack the growth of cancer cells directly. Even garlic can also improve the health systems of the DNA and prevents DNA damage. That's why add garlic in Your food.

Consumption of garlic also helps indirectly as:

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10. Papaya

Papaya is a fruit that is sweet and usually contain a lot of water at the time of the summer. The papaya software with a special scent contains a substance preventing cancer. Likopen is contained in the papaya is useful to prevent the growth of cancer cells. Its benefits are almost the same as likopen found in tomatoes. Papaya can also believed to prevent the growth of all types of cancer cells, including how to prevent skin cancer.

11. Cabbage

Cabbage can be used as an ingredient for soup or other types of preparations. Sometimes the cabbage consumed as fresh vegetables. The antioxidant compounds in cabbage as found on the vegetables kale. Both types of vegetables is very active to prevent the growth of cancer cells and can keep age and strength of healthy cells in the body. Consumption of cabbage and kale are cooked is highly recommended, as the source of these vegetables can also prevent all types of vegetables. Cabbage can also be consumed as a

12. Salmon

Salmon are found in the wild could be brain cancer preventive foods is the most potent. Many people who consume salmon but they did not choose natural salmon. While the method of life to the natural salmon and salmon that diternak is indeed different. Regardless of that issue then the salmon can protect from brain cancer because they contain substances of natural omega 3 good for stimulating work and normal functioning of the brain.

13. Orange

Orange is known as refreshing fruit containing vitamin C in high quantities. Vitamin C in citrus fruits are excellent for protecting brain cells from the growth of cancer cells. A sweet citrus flavor and a bit of acid contains antioxidants to prevent free radicals in the body. Consumption of oranges are the most recommended is the natural fruit of citrus and citrus not that have been processed in the form of juice.

14. Bit

The fruit bit is usually avoided because many have a sense that a bit strange and the scent is less comfortable when consumed. But it turns out the high bit contains antioxidants that can prevent the growth of cancer cells. The fruit bit is also important to influence the condition of the body and the mind because it could give the effect quite fun. But excessive consumption of the fruit bit can improve blood sugar levels and lower blood pressure.

15. Apple

Apples for this is still considered a refreshing fruit, but it turns out that apples contain a very high benefits. The consumption of one Apple per day can increase the body's resistance against free radical substances and to prevent the risk of heart disease. Apple consumption is the most recommended are the fresh apples peeled, because sometimes the skin of apples contain pesticides can be harmful to the body.

Apples also good consumed as:

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Tips To Prevent Brain Cancer

To prevent brain cancer, you can also do some tips below:

  • Avoid or reduce consumption of food which is already frozen because it could increase the risk of brain cancer
  • Avoid consumption of fast food and all kinds of instant foods too often because these foods contain chemicals that are added in food processing
  • Avoid any type of brain cancer-causing agents such as radiation, exposure to fuel the vehicle directly and pollutants from the air
  • Select the consumption of vegetables and fruit, organic pesticides, because they did not wear the pesticides can increase the risk of cancer
  • More often eat fish from the natural environment free from fish already are farmed because fish food often contain a mixture of ingredients that could cause brain cancer.
So, from now on we can maintain health, including by protecting the body from brain cancer. Different types of food that can be consumed already mentioned actively to prevent the growth of cancer cells of the brain.
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