What are the main causes of Cancer


What are the main causes of Cancer

What are the main causes of Cancer - Cancer is one disease that is very in to fear by everyone even very in to fear by all of the people on this earth, why, it causes cancer is one disease that causes the death of a person. Almost all of the people who suffered the disease his life could not be saved. According to some experts and some of the doctors stated if cancer one of the deadly disease the number one in the world. and until recently there has not been a powerful drug to treat and cope with this disease.

The cause of the occurrence of cancer due to the growth of cells in the tissues of the body part that is not functioning normally. cell cancer cells could develop very quickly, and the longer the more days it divides itself, and then the cancer cells get into the existing network, and continuously spread at the connective tissue, blood and to attack the other organs and also attack the nervous part of the spine.

With normal body cells Just can do self cleavage if anyone replace cells that have died and also damaged. But otherwise the cancer cells will be increasingly splitting even though not in need. And in the end cause of occurrence of cancer has resulted in a buildup on the new cells, and it can be called with a malignant tumor. Buildup on this new cell can damage normal tissues in the body so the new cells buildup can disrupt part ogran that have been in the family

Tumors and cancer was one of the chronic diseases, a way to distinguish it-that is, if there is a lump in the body or on the outside of the body is often called by the term whose tumors. The tumor is composed of two kinds. For example, it's like a benign tumor and also a malignant tumor, benign tumors is not making our bodies are so dangerous, why this is caused due to a tumor in the body does not grow and cannot spread beyond the network part, and if a malignant tumor, one tumor, one of which was included on the disease of cancer that has grown very quickly and not be in kenalikan well , and then in the end it could damage the body's tissues into others.

According to an expert named yale journal stated if there is a normal cell processes transformed so malignant cells or cause the occurrence of cancer include:

The first process was initiated, the stages that have traits will be the occurrence of a change in the gene originally from normal cells turn into cancer cells.
The second process was the promotion, one of the developmental process that can trigger rumt cell abnormal cells and succeeded in life and the longer the more splitting
And the third, the process at the time of the occurrence of growth where the cells are abnormal cells can not be in control as well. so the size of the tumor is the longer the more grown up, and these cells can spread to parts of the network or parts of other organs.
The cause of the occurrence of cancer, namely:
What are the main causes of Cancer
What are the main causes of Cancer
In fact to this day no one in the know the cause of the occurrence of cancer, but there are some pre hali expressed if cancer was caused due to a factor or multifaktor.

If we conclude that there are three main factors that very occurrence of cancer include:

1. Viruses
Human papilloma virus is one of the viruses that may cause the onset of cervical cancer disease

Hepatits b virus and hepatitis c virus as well, both of these viruses are also possible causes of the occurrence of disease of liver cancer

2. The bacteria
The presence of bacteria a parasite schistosoma that bilharzia disease occurrence ovarian cancer menyebabka urinary

The infection of clonorchis sinensis, which causes the occurrence of cancer of the pancreas and gallbladder channels on

3. Chemical substances
Material material that is in the content of this carcinogenic is basbestos, alcohol and cigarettes but go Just that alone the food processed in excess it can also cause the onset of cancer.

What are the main causes of Cancer

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